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Best Things to do in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

If you are known to Dominican lifers then you might be aware of the fact that Santo Domingo is the highlight of the city. There is a mix of history that you’ll notice here. The place is wonderfully resorted, and is scattered throughout that reminds people of the history of the city Santo Domingo.

The attractions of the place are very unique and interesting. You should surely pay a visit to this place and explore the interesting sites of Zona Colonial and many more. The area might be compact but you can easily explore it on foot. Moreover, the narrow roads are open to parks where you can spend amazing time and the old stone buildings are worth watching.

Columbus Park

The city’s center is where this location is. It is the most lively and heartwarming place in the city. There are various performers that you’ll find here on the street side. On the south side you’ll be finding the Catedral Primada De America. 

There are a couple of restaurants here where you can stop by and have an amazing time and food. You can even sit on the main pedestrian street and explore the beautiful place.

Museum of the Royal Houses 

This was built during the first half of the century and it is one of the most impressive structures where you can be. The place was originally constructed through the orders given from Spain. In the year of 1970, it was transformed into a museum and the place stores a lot of history and culture of the region. The Taino artifacts, the interesting weapons are even displayed here. 

Hallways of the place might be narrow, and they feel congested to you on the busy days, but still visiting the place is a must if you want to check the unique stuff.

Plaza Espana

This is a large and open square. Here you can find various unique sites and events. There are various restaurants and outdoor dining options here that you can enjoy. Tour guides can be hired if you want to join the tour. 

Three Eyes National Park

If you are craving to watch something very unique and picturesque, then this is the go-to place for you. From the Zona colonial this is just a 15-minute drive. You can be prepared to descend to this place. The lakes of this place are spectacular and the glass calm makes it easy for you to know how the place actually received their names. You can use a little bit of imagination and see the view that looks like blue green eyes.

Chu Chu colonial site

The place is small and the sightseeing train helps you to witness the various views of the place. The tour that you can get here lasts around 45 minutes. Here one can see a shade covered bench and it is regarded to be one of the most famous sites of the place to visit .



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