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Most Famous Things to New Hampshire

Things to New Hampshire

New Hampshire packs a lot of variation into a convenient location, from the summit of the Northeast’s tallest peak to its 18 miles of seacoast, which is the shortest of any coastal state in the US. The natural attractions in New Hampshire provide a wealth of outdoor activities, many of them free, in addition to the numerous locations to explore.

Beautiful ocean and lake beaches, miles of kayaking opportunities, above-treeline hiking on the Appalachian Trail, lake sailing, kid-friendly theme and water parks, thrilling mountaintop rides, and tours of historic are just a few of the things that make this part of New England popular among tourists.

Mt. Washington Cog Railway

For those who miss riding on an actual coal-fired steam engine train, reservations are accepted for the steamer special departures, which run twice daily from late May to early October. But watch out for dropping soot; once I went for a dawn run in a white jumper and came back looking like a Dalmatian.

The journey to the peak takes around 45 minutes (on the steam-powered train, an hour), and the entire journey, including the stop, takes about 3 hours. Once there, you may check out the Mount Washington Observatory, a research station that focuses on severe weather, as well as the Sherman Adams Visitors Centre, which has a small museum, a cafe, and those three things.

The world record wind speed was recorded here in 1934, and the mountain is infamous for its weather. Booking becomes very convenient if you book with the Spirit airlines book a flight option.

Mt. Washington Auto Road

The Mt. Washington Auto Road, which was finished in 1861, is the country’s oldest continually running tourist destination. The 7.6-mile road, which rises more than 4,500 feet from the base to the peak, is not for the faint of heart. The small road starts out benignly, ascending at a 12 percent average gradient with intermittent valley views.

As the height rises and the road enters the region where trees are stunted and bent by strong winds, the forest starts to get smaller. Then, as the road climbs past the timberline and enters a steep rock-strewn landscape, trees completely disappear. Spirit airlines booking helps to manage the ticket booking and you get the best offers here.

White Mountain National Forest

The White Mountain National Forest, which spans 35 miles and safeguards 148,000 acres of wilderness, is enormous.
The best views are not always visible from the road, so even though you could complete the trip in less than an hour, you’ll want to take advantage of the scenic pull-outs. This is particularly evident on the summit’s western side, where the C.L. Graham Wangan Ground commands an expansive vista of the Presidential Range and a forested valley.

A covered bridge and two particularly beautiful Swift River locations—Rocky Gorge and Lower Falls—at the Conway end are both well-liked for picnics and swimming. Thinking of your next trip to this place.

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