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Best things to do in Nicaragua

Things to do in Nicaragua

If you are visiting Central America, then you should be aware of the fact that Nicaragua is the favorite place here. It is the easiest to travel and there are some amazing places here where you can visit. Cheap shuttles are available here and the place is not so far from your next destination. The place is cheap and believe it very cheap. You will find the food and beer here so much cheap. Moreover, the country is very safe. So travelling here during your vacay will be one of the best things that you do. So, you can get the spirit airlines ticket easily and start planning your trip today.

San Juan Del Sur

The place is just so beautiful and amazing. The laid back lifestyle of this place, the cafes, the beautiful beaches, the fun atmosphere are everything. The place is everything when you are an adventure sport lover. You can do surfing here, the most popular surf beaches here at Playa Hermosa, Playa Maderas are worth remembering. It is a great holiday destination and once you get here you will only love to be here and wont wish to go back. Spirit airlines reservation can be used if you want to book your tickets for visiting Nicaragua.

Apoyo lake

This lake is 20 minutes away from Granda and people visit the place and there are various cool places to visit here. During the day you can take the paddle board, kayak, and other adventure activities. Moreover, you can enjoy swimming as well. The palace Paradiso Hotel is a great place. During the day the hostel finds a lot of travelers. Book your spirit airlines tickets and get the best offers on it.


The place is located at the border of Honduras. The amazing things to do here are numerous and the location is just perfect for everything. Volcano sites can be found here and the inner beauty and charm of the place is just exotic. There are asocial bars here where you can drink. Moreover, the restaurants and cafes here are very amazing where you can enjoy a great time. So, Spirit airlines tickets are the best options if you want to book your tickets for the next trip.

Popoyo beach

The beach is located around 2 hours and this is one of the best tourist hubs. The place is a must visit destination. The small town has pretty good waves and the place has various tiny shops and hotels. The attractive charm of the place is the best. Visitors from far off place can visit here and enjoy the beach with some good beer and great time. If you are the one who is travelling to Nicaragua then being here is one of the exciting things that you do. Moreover, if you have booked your spirit airlines tickets and you want any changes then, for that you need to go to Spirit airlines manage booking section.

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