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Best things to do in Pensacola


Are you the one who is looking for great vacation destinations? Well, then here is something that will excite you and you can surely be here during your vacations. The place is filled with picturesque beaches as well as resorts. The local culture of the place is also something that is worth exploring, which includes everything from the art galleries to historic colonial houses.

There are a lot of interesting things to do here, some of which include a schedule. And therefore, you need to know the top best fun things that you can do here, so that you do not miss any of it. So, dive into the details provided further that can help you plan your best trip.

Gulf islands seashore

The seashore stretches over thousands of miles and the place is very much famous for the pristine beaches.

Sand here sparkles in white quartz and the water comes in various dozens of shades. Moreover, you have various choices of swimming, snorkeling, suntanning as well as surfing. You can read a good book here, scuba dive and even explore the remains of the battleship.

Palafox Street

The place is sometimes known as the artery. This is because it connects so many shops, restaurants as well as galleries. The place is one of the bustling tourist attractions and there is always something new and exciting that you can try here. 

Moreover, you can try some Palafox bakery stuff here, along with soups, sandwiches as well. You can sit under the umbrella and stroll past the shoppers passing by. The boutiques of the place, the jewelry, and the farmers market are some things that you can explore here. Do try some baked bread on the street.

Urban Swinery

This place reigns supreme here. You will be finding all sorts of chops, pot pies, barbeques and a lot more. The place has a down home restaurant here that gives an authentic vibe. If you are in search of doing something interesting here, then there is no need to do that now, as you know the best place to be.

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Seville Quarter

This place is located downtown and the place is a lively mix of bar, dance hall as well as club. The electric energy that you’ll be experiencing here makes this place the premier destination. There are seven bars in one building and each has something unique to offer. You can even enjoy pool, karaoke as well as the jazz shows. 

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